Research is a core component of the academic life at ACPHS, with the majority of faculty across each of the College’s schools and departments actively engaged in research.

The agenda from the 2016 ACPHS Research Forum (see link in the sidebar of this page) provides a good overview of many of the faculty research projects taking place at the College.

Complementing the Research Forum is the Student Research Symposium. There are typically more than 30 undergraduate and graduate students from both campuses who submit posters summarizing their research projects. These presentations cover a wide range of subjects including microbiology, sociology, health outcomes, chemistry, mathematics, and pharmacology.

Read below to learn more about opportunities for ACPHS students to perform research. Not convinced research is for you? Click this link to read one professor's views on the benefits of student research.

Unique Opportunities for Students

The College is proud to provide many opportunities for students to work side-by-side with faculty on their research projects.

These “hands on” research experiences are not typically afforded to undergraduates at most schools and are part of what distinguishes ACPHS from other colleges and universities.

One such opportunity is the Student Summer Research Award Program. This program is open to all ACPHS students interested in pursuing clinical, laboratory, or other research projects under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

The College provides a maximum of ten (10) research awards, each in the amount of $3,000 plus $500 to offset the cost of the student’s research supplies. Housing is also offered for those who need it during the eight week project period (the project must take place between May and August). 

Any current student with an interest in research, regardless of her or his experience level, is eligible to apply.

Diverse Range of Projects

From the humanities to the social sciences to the health sciences, faculty and students of the College are working on a wide range of research projects. These include:
  • Studying biodefense strategies to thwart potential anthrax attacks or deployment of the francisella bacteria
  • Exploring the impact of parental resources on children’s health
  • Developing chemical compounds for limiting the harmful effects of the sun
  • Working on numerous projects related to the prevention, detection, and treatment of cancer.

Pharmaceutical Research Institute (PRI)

Complementing these efforts is the College’s Pharmaceutical Research Institute (PRI), a center for drug discovery and development that was founded in 2003, and is led by Vice Provost for Research Shaker Mousa.

PRI investigators possess expertise in fields such as nanotechnology, medicinal chemistry, molecular biology, and cell biology.

As part of its mission, PRI is also engaged in teaching and learning. Each year approximately 10 ACPHS pharmacy students in their final professional years pursue research rotations at the Institute.

At the end of their rotations, these students publish articles in academic journals related to their research. There are a number of graduate students from ACPHS (and other area schools) who also conduct research at the Institute.

Annual Research Forum

Each year ACPHS hosts a Research Forum where faculty members from each department and on both campuses present overviews of their research activities and discuss current projects.

A look at the list of oral sessions and poster sessions (see link in the sidebar of this page) offers a useful guide to the variety of research currently taking place at the College and the faculty members who are leading those efforts.

Research Compliance

The Research Compliance Office at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences provides access to a variety of resources and training programs to ensure all individuals engaged in research at the College adhere to the highest standards for responsible and ethical conduct. 

Click the following link to view the ACPHS research compliance policies and guidelines.