Sean Ali, Ph.D.



Ph.D. in Physics,  State University of New York at Albany

Courses Taught at ACPHS

Physics I
Physics II
Physics for Life Sciences

Additional Affiliations

Research Associate: International Institute for Theoretical Physics and Mathematics, Einstein-Galilei

Research Interests

Gauge Field Theory, Group Theory and Lie Algebras, Gravitational Physics, Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Chaos Theory, Information Geometry.

Selected Publications

D.-H. Kim, S. A. Ali, C. Cafaro and S. Mancini, “Information Geometric Modeling of Scattering Induced Quantum Entanglement” Phys. Lett. A 375 (2011) 2868-2873; arXiv:1012.4589v1 [math-ph].

C. Cafaro and S. A. Ali, “The Relevance of Atmospheric Newtonian Noise Generated by Acoustic and Turbulent Phenomena in Laser-Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors.” To appear in the edited collection “The Big Challenge of Gravitational Waves: A New Window into the Universe”, Editors: C. Corda, H. J. Mosquera Cuesta (2011) 55-86 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. ISBN 978-1-61470-373-0; arXiv: 0906.4844v1 [gr-qc].

S. A. Ali, D.-H. Kim, C. Cafaro and S. Mancini, “An Information Geometric Analysis of Entangled Continuous Variable Quantum Systems”, J. Phys. A: Conference Series 306 (2011) 012063.

S. A. Ali, D.-H. Kim , C. Cafaro and S. Mancini, “The Effect Of Microscopic Correlations On The Information Geometric Complexity Of Gaussian Statistical Models”, Physica A 389 (2010) 3117-3127.

C. Cafaro, A. Giffin, S. A. Ali, D.-H. Kim, “Reexamination of an Information Geometric Construction of Entropic Indicators of Complexity”, App. Math. Comp. 217 (2010) 2944-2951; arXiv: 1011.5556v1 [math-ph].

Ch. Corda, S. A. Ali and C. Cafaro, “Interferometer Response to Scalar Gravitational Waves”, Int. J. Mod. Phys. D 19 (2010) 1095-2109; arXiv: 0902.0093v1 [gr-qc].

S. A. Ali, C. Cafaro, S. Capozziello and Ch. Corda, “On the Poincare Gauge Theory of Gravitation”, Int. J. Theor. Phys. 48 (2009) 34226-3448; arXiv: 0907.0934 [gr-qc].

C. Cafaro and S. A. Ali, “Geometrodynamics of Information on Curved Statistical Manifolds and its Applications to Chaos”, Elect. J. Theor. Phys. 5 (2008) 139-162; arXiv: 0810.4623v1 [math-ph].

S. A. Ali, C. Cafaro, S. Capozziello and Ch. Corda, “Abelian Magnetic Monopoles and Topologically Massive Vector Bosons in Scalar-Tensor Gravity with Torsion Potential”, Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 23 (2008) 4315-4335; arXiv: 0706.3130 [gr-qc].

C. Cafaro and S. A. Ali, “Can Chaotic Quantum Energy Level Statistics be Characterized by Using Information Geometry and Inference Methods?”, Physica A 387 (2008) 6876-6894; arXiv: 0810.4626v1 [math-ph].

S. A. Ali and S. Capozziello, “Nonlinear Realization of the Local Conform-Affine Symmetry Group for Gravity in the Composite Fiber Bundle Formalism”, Int. J. Geom. Methods in Mod. Phys., 4 (2007) 1041-1074; arXiv: 0705.4609 [gr-qc]

C. Cafaro and S. A. Ali, “Jacobi Fields on Statistical Manifolds of Negative Curvature”, Physica D 234, (2007) 70-80; arXiv: nlin/0702027.
S. A. Ali, C. Cafaro, S. Capozziello and Ch. Corda, “A Bound Quantum Particle in a Riemann-Cartan Space with Topological Defects and Planar Potential”, Phys. Lett. A 366 (2007) 315-323; arXiv: hep-th/0702070.

C. Cafaro and S. A. Ali, “The Spacetime Algebra Approach to Massive Classical Electrodynamics with Magnetic Monopoles” Adv. Appl. Clifford Alg. 17 (2007) 23-36; arXiv: math-ph/0702006.

C. Cafaro, S. Capozziello, Ch. Corda and S. A. Ali, “Can Magnetic Monopoles and Massive Photons Coexist in the Framework of the Same Classical Theory?”, Adv. High Energy Phys., doi:10.1155/2007/69835 (2007); arXiv: hep-th/0701219.

C. Cafaro, S. A. Ali and A. Giffin, “An Application of Reversible Entropic Dynamics on Curved Statistical Manifolds” AIP Conf. Proc., 872 (2006) 243-251; arXiv: physics/0702011.

S. A. Ali and A. Inomata, “Note on Path Integration in a Space with a Dispiration” Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) Publishing, Dubna (2005) Edited by C. Burdik, O. Navratil and S. Posta.

Additional Scholarly Activity

Invited reviewer for Foundations of Physics, General Relativity & Gravitation
Invited speaker at the Ettore Majorana Centre for World Scientific Culture, Erice-Italy

Department of Basic and Social Sciences