Hassan A.N. El-Fawal, Ph.D.



  • Ph. D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)
  • M. Sc., University of Guelph, Canada
  • B. Sc., University of Alexandria, Egypt

Teaching Experience

Natural Sciences

  • General Biology; General Chemistry; Geology; Ecology and Environmental Science

Biomedical Sciences 

  • Anatomy and Medical Physiology (with and without cadaver); Applied Biochemistry; Immunology; Neurobiology; Clinical Neuroscience; Pathophysiology; Pharmacology; Systemic and Molecular Toxicology; Research Methods and Statistics; Environmental Medicine; Biomarkers; Toxicogenomics; Nanotoxicology 


  • Near Eastern History and Religion; Arabic

Research Interests

Dr. El-Fawal’s Neurotoxicology Laboratory focuses on nervous system insult and neurodegenerative diseases of toxic, genomic and sporadic etiologies. In particular, interactions between nervous and immune systems, with the hope of developing and validation of biomarkers of neurotoxic effects is a major emphasis. In a parallel vein, the laboratory is exploring the nervous system toxicity of ambient ultrafine particles and man-made nanoparticles, as well as the use of nanoformulations to ameliorate the toxicity of anti-neoplastic pharmaceuticals. Finally, the laboratory has been pioneering exploration of the role of angiogenesis in non-cancer endpoints, including developmental neurotoxicity.

Selected Publications

Book Chapters and Reviews

El-Fawal, HAN (2016). The Tree and the Forest: A Need for Dialogue and a Collaborative Approach in the Safety of Nanomedicines. In Handbook of Clinical Nanomedicine Volume II: Law, Business, Regulation, Safety and Risk. R. Bawa, G. F. Audette and B. E. Reese (Eds), pp: 1281-1289. Pan Stanford Publishing, Singapore.

El-Fawal, HAN, Rembisz P, Alobaidi R, Mousa SA. (2016). Chemotherapy-mediated pain and peripheral neuropathy: Impact of oxidative stress and inflammation. In Oxidative damage and antioxidant imbalance:  The science of biology in health and disease. First ed., D. Armstrong and R. D. Stratton. pp 367-388. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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Yasin BR, El-Fawal HAN, Mousa SA. (2015). Date (Phoenix dactylifera) Polyphenolics and Other Bioactive Compounds: A Traditional Islamic Remedy's Potential in Prevention of Cell Damage, Cancer Therapeutics and Beyond. Int J Mol Sci. 17;16(12):30075-90. doi: 10.3390/ijms161226210.  

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Mason, D.L, Assimon, M.M., Bishop, J. R. and El-Fawal, H.A.N. (2013). Nervous system autoantibodies and vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms in hemodialysis patients. Hemodialysis International 17:237-242.

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Recent Selected Presentations 

Alobaidi R, Thangirala S, Mousa SA, El-Fawal, HA (2016). Small Molecule OT-404 Inhibits Oxidative Stress (OS) And NFκB Providing Protection In Cisplatin-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN). Society of Toxicology.

El-Fawal HA, Abdel Moneim I, El-Gazzar RM, Shamy MY (2016). Neuroantibodies (NAb) In Males With Mercury (Hg) Exposure: Prevalence And Association With Clinical Signs. Society of Toxicology.

El-Fawal, HA (2015).  Neurotoxic and Autoimmune Potential of Nanoparticles: Aggravation to Amelioration.  First International Nanomedicine Symposium and Workshop, ACPHS, August 3-7.

Sardar, J, Mason, D, El-Fawal HA (2015). Association of autoantibodies to nervous system (NS) proteins (NAb) with demographics in hemodialysis (HD) patients. American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences (AAPS) Regional Meeting.

Cichewicz A, Mason D, Hudgens E, Gallagher JE.  El-Fawal HAN. (2015). Association of neuroantibodies (NAB) with glutathione-S-transferase (GST) isozyme polymorphisms (SNP) in African-American children with metal exposures. Society of Toxicology. 

Dougherty K, Cichewicz A, Hudgens E, Gallagher JE, El-Fawal HAN. (2015). Neuroantibodies (NAB) in African-American (AA) children with metal exposures associate with cytokine and human leukocyte antigen (HLA) polymorphisms (SNP). Society of Toxicology. 

Monaco-Brown M, Price D, Horgan M. and El-Fawal, H.A.N. (2015).  Translational utility of neuroantibody (NAb) biomarkers in hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Conference, San Diego, CA.

Alnamnakani M, Mousa, SA, El-Fawal, HAN. (2014). Thyromimetic Effects of Araclor 1254 (AR) and Polybrominated Diether 100 (PBDE) on Angiogenesis (AG) Are Mediated via the αVβ3 Integrin Receptor. Society of Toxicology.

Cichewicz A, Hudgens E, Gallagher JE, El-Fawal, HAN. (2014). Neuroantibodies (NAB) in African-American Children: Associations with Gender, Gluthathione-S-Transferase (GST) Pi Polymorphisms (SNP) and Heavy Metals. Society of Toxicology.

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Alrowaily, NF, Shaiba, LA, Zaffo, BJ, Mousa, SA, El-Fawal, HA. (2011). Differential effects of neurotoxic heavy metals on tumor-induced angiogenesis (AG). Proceedings Joint Meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies and the Asian Pediatric Research Society. Denver, CO.


  • Society of Toxicology - Neurotoxicology, Nanotoxicology and Biotechnology Specialty Sections
  • Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine - Editorial Board in Bio-nanoscience Section


  • Chair, Institutional Review Board
  • Vice-Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee 
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences - Albany Campus