ACPHS-VT Screens Drug Abuse Documentary

The ACPHS Vermont Campus hosted a special screening of the documentary "The Hungry Heart" on Thursday, January 30. The film details the struggles of young Vermonters who are addicted to prescription drugs.

The "Hungry Heart" has received national attention in the past few weeks after Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin referenced it in his State of the State speech, which focused entirely on the drug abuse epidemic. 

The film centers around Vermont Pediatrician Fred Holmes who works with patients struggling with addiction.

Dr. Holmes prescribes suboxone to his patients struggling with prescription drug addiction. Much like methadone, suboxone helps many addicts in their recovery process. For some taking suboxone is a crucial stepping stone to long term recovery, for others it is a crutch, for others suboxone is abused and diverted onto the street.

The movie offers a poignant look at the many faces of addiction and each indvidual's search for a life of recovery.

Several of the people featured in the movie, including Dr. Holmes, will be in attendance on Thursday to answers questions about the film.

Click here to view The Hungry Heart trailer.