Travel Courses

How far will you take your education?

There are two frameworks available to students who are interested in completing a travel course. During either the winter or summer break, students complete an intensive three or four credit course abroad. The majority of the coursework and assignments are completed at the international site.

The second format requires students to enroll and attend a class on-campus during the academic year. To conclude the course, students participate in an International Experience designed to enhance the course objectives.

The programs listed below have all been recently offered by the College. Please check with the Office of Global Initiatives to determine which of these (or new) programs will be offered in the current academic year.

San Ignacio, Belize

Instructor: Dr. Kevin Hickey (ACPHS)
Prerequisite: HUM 101 
Credits: 3 HUM / 1 IPPE


Culture, Customs and Health of Belize begins here at ACPHS with a fall semester course taught by Professor and trip leader, Dr. Kevin Hickey. You will spend the semester preparing for your travels by deepening your knowledge of Belizean and developing countries’ health & healthcare by:

  • Attending weekly classes focused on the people, ecology, history, art, customs, current events, economy and health of Belize
  • Creating and delivering presentations on tropical diseases & developing world healthcare
  • Practicing basic health clinic skills
  • Preparing pamphlets and informational skits you will utilize when educating Belizean patients

Program Highlights
From providing medical care to embracing the local culture, your time in Belize is designed to strengthen the studies you completed in the fall semester.

Medical Work
You will have the opportunity to apply your patient care skills by traveling to surrounding villages and:

  • Creating and working at “pop up” health clinics
  • Walking door to door offering home visit medical screenings
  • Educating school children on health and hygiene

Cultural Immersion
Your studies on Belizean culture will come to life by:

  • Attending lectures and workshops
  • Becoming part of your local homestay family (two or more ACPHS students per home)

You will have the opportunity to further embrace the natural beauty of Belize through excursions including:

  • Exploring the Maya ruins
  • Hiking national parks
  • Caving
  • Snorkeling in the world’s second longest barrier coral reef

Senegal, West Africa

Instructor: Dr. Kevin Hickey (ACPHS)
Prerequisite: HUM 101
Credits: 3 HUM, 1 IPPE


Culture and Customs of Senegal begins here at ACPHS with a spring semester course taught by Professor and trip leader, Dr. Kevin Hickey. You will spend the semester preparing for your travels by:

  • Attending weekly lectures focused on Senegalese culture, customs and art
  • Traveling to NYC for a day with Africana specialists Dr. Eloise Briere, Dr. Cheikh Ndiaye, and Dr. Hickey to study African art & visit New York City's Little Senegal
  • Maintaining a travel journal to be shared with ACPHS staff, faculty and students

Program Highlights
From interning to siteseeing, your time in Senegal is designed to strengthen the studies you completed in the spring semester.

Cultural Immersion
Your studies on Senegalese culture will come to life by:

  • Attending lectures in the capital, Dakar, at the West African Research Center
  • Becoming part of your local homestay family (2 students per home)
  • Participating in cultural day trips to Gorée Island, concerts and sporting events

You will have the opportunity to build relationships with locals and gain a deeper understanding of Senegalese health and lifestyle by participating in your choice of internship from the categories of:

  • Healthcare
  • Art therapy
  • Orphan care
  • Women’s issues
  • The environment
  • Urban planning
  • Teaching

Tour of Senegal
Your Senegalese experience will conclude with a 10-day guided tour of the country. Highlights include:

  • Visiting a Catholic monastery and the Holy Sufi City of Tuba
  • Traveling by horse-drawn carts to Professor Ndiaye’s village
  • Staying at a coastal “artist resort” 
  • Experiencing wildlife safaris

Central and South America


This three-credit Global Experience course is unique due to its focus on independent research, writing and reflection rather than classroom lectures. You will gain an expanded global perspective by:

  • Recording each day’s events and your feelings and reactions to them in your journal
  • Creating a post travel narrative and annotated bibliography
  • Completing a pre-travel research paper examining a historical, political or cultural aspect of the country/sites you will visit

Program Highlights
Your experiences will range from eco-tourism to visiting historical and cultural sites. This course is designed to help you absorb these extraordinary experiences and explore foreign cultures by:

  • Participating in frequent group discussions to reflect on the importance of your experiences and cultural differences/similarities
  • Experiencing the countries through outdoor activities such as caving, hiking, snorkeling, and more
  • Touring World Heritage sites

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