Enhanced Track Rotations

How far will you take health care?

ACPHS Pharm.D. students have options to do pharmacy rotations in Dominica, Guatemala, and Kenya.

Read on to learn more about these incredible experiences.

Dominica, West Indies

Travel: Offered semi-annually for 3 weeks in January and July
Program Fee: Approximately $3,000 (including airfare, housing, meals and some excursions)
Preceptor: Dr. Jeanine D. Abrons
Credit: Enhanced Track Rotation


You will prepare for the challenges of your time in Dominica by completing the following trainings and assignments:

Creating patient cases

  • Developing a Student Pharmacist Communication Log
  • Submitting a post Dominica reflection paper
  • Presenting your experience to the ACPHS community
  • Completing pre-rotation and daily posts to the travel blog
  • Reviewing assigned readings and creating educational materials on an herbal plant or product
  • Attending online discussion/training sessions focused on medicine in developing countries, health comparisons between Dominica and the U.S., common medical conditions of Dominica, cultural competence / communication techniques, public health initiatives, professionalism, and herbal, complementary, and alternative medicine


Your time in Dominica will expand your knowledge of foreign cultures, alternative medicine, patient care, and developing countries’ health and healthcare by:

Herbal Medicine

  • Learning about herbal medicine therapies from a local Bush Medicine Doctor
  • Locating and identifying medicinal plants
  • Compounding traditional therapies such as coconut oil and bush medicine teas

Rural Health Medicine

  • Shadowing a pharmacist, medical doctor and nurse practitioner
  • Facilitating a rural health fair
  • Counseling and providing health education
  • Engaging in group reflections/discussions
  • Providing educational materials and counseling on your disease area of focus
  • Observing/assisting at an orphanage for children with mental and physical handicaps

Pharmacy Education

  • Visiting local schools to educate students on medication safety
  • Engaging students in mini-compounding activities illustrating the importance of education and careers in pharmacy


  • On the weekends you will have the opportunity to further explore Dominica’s natural beauty. Potential excursions include:
  • Snorkeling at Champagne Beach
  • Caribbean Cooking Lessons
  • Victoria Falls Hike
  • Glasse Trail Hike
  • Dominican Drumming Class
  • Boiling Lake & Valley of Desolation Hike
  • Ocean Kayaking & Snorkeling
  • Sari Sari Waterfall Hike
  • Heritage Tour of Southeast
  • Roseau Market Tour & Trafalgar Fall
  • Sulfur Spring Spa Visit
  • Body Massage Class


Travel: 2 weeks in October
Program Fee: 
Approximately $2,000 (including airfare, housing, meals and excursions)
Enhanced Track Rotation
Preceptor: Mary Sutphen, RPh


Although the Guatemala rotation is only two weeks, you will begin preparing for the demands of providing healthcare in a developing country by:

  • Exposing yourself to the Spanish language (via classes, volunteering, studying, etc.)
  • Studying mission literature, including disease states of concern to the area of Central America
  • Familiarizing yourself with the drug formulary and ordering process
  • Attending mission team preparation meetings
  • Fundraising for the mission


While in Guatemala, you will not only gain valuable patient care experience, but deepen your knowledge of the health issues of Guatemala and developing countries by:

Health Clinic Work

  • Being part of a clinical team that sees 500 patients a day
  • Organizing and setting up an entire health clinic
  • Performing the primary roles of triage/vitals and pharmacy dispensing
  • Overcoming communication barriers such as language and illiteracy to provide medicinal instruction
  • Treating a variety of illnesses, most commonly gastro-intestinal complaints (GERD, gastritis), arthritis, skin rashes, malnutrition, and upper respiratory infection
  • Experiencing different types of clinics which may include, recalls, women’s health, dental, general health, pediatrics, and/or surgical procedures

You will conclude your travels at a hotel in Guatemala City or Antigua, and can spend time:

  • Sight-seeing
  • Shopping
  • Visiting Mayan ruins
  • Climbing a nearby volcano


Travel: 2 weeks in August
Program Fee: Approximately $3,500 (includes housing, food, airfare, excursions)
Preceptor: Dr. Rowland J. Elwell
Credits: Enhanced Track Rotation


The Kenya rotation is hosted by Global Health Outreach (GHO), Christian Medical & Dental Association. GHO holds many training opportunities to prepare for your trip.


Your time in Kenya will expand your knowledge of healthcare in extreme poverty and give you the opportunity to grow as a healthcare professional by:

  • Being part of a clinical team that sees nearly 500 patients a day
  • Counseling patients on medications, ear/eye drops, inhalers and more
  • Experiencing a wildlife safari in Masai Mara
  • Performing clinical work of selecting and dosing medications, (most commonly Antibiotics, Antimalarials, Antiparasitics, Analgesics, Antihistamines)
  • Collaborating with a team of primary care physicians, general dentists, oral surgeons, hygienists, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists and physical therapists
  • Staying in the rural town of Namanga with a stunning view of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Presbyterian Guest House in Nairobi

Office of Global Initiatives

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