Global Experiences

One of the seven objectives of the College’s Strategic Plan is to implement globalization on a broad scale, with the ultimate goal of each student having a global experience before they graduate.

Making a Difference

Beyond the personal enrichment of a global experience, the intercultural skills that can be gained through going abroad are particularly valuable for future pharmacists and health care providers, since these careers require working with diverse patient populations.

From setting up clinics and administering medications, to helping diagnose disease and leading health and wellness activities with local children, ACPHS students are making significant difference – both in their own lives and the lives of others.

Bringing the World to ACPHS

In addition to facilitating study abroad experiences, the Office of Global Initiatives helps organize a wide range of multi-cultural experiences on campus that include Fair Trade Craft Fairs, concerts by international musicians, a dance series, and cooking demonstrations.

Assisting International Students

Since more than ten percent of ACPHS students are from outside the United States, the Office also works closely with international students by hosting special orientation events, leading off-campus field trips, and offering an ESL class, which helps students learn how to speak English with an American accent.

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