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Remember how you felt the first time you mixed vinegar and baking soda? Or watched someone make a rainbow in a glass? For chemists, that feeling never goes away. Their curiosity is just funneled into more sophisticated experiments whose outcomes can have profound effects on our health and the effectiveness of our medications.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
If you are interested in a general chemistry program, there are lots of options from which to choose. But if you are looking for a bachelor's degree in chemistry that will set you apart, this may be the program for you.

The Chemistry program at ACPHS covers the five traditional areas of chemistry (analytical, organic, physical, inorganic, and biochemistry) as you would expect and want to see. 

But what distinguishes our program from many of the others is our Medicinal Chemistry track, where students learn how to apply chemical concepts to the discovery and development of new drugs.

Combine that specialization with the additional resources available to you at a college where all of the degree programs revolve around science and health, and the result is an undergraduate Chemistry program that few schools can match.
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
The Chemistry program at ACPHS has two tracks: (1) Traditional Chemistry, which allows students to follow a traditional sequence of chemistry courses and (2) Medicinal Chemistry, where the focus is on the areas of drug discovery and development. Through these track options, students have the ability to tailor their studies to their specific interests.

The core curriculum - taken by students in both tracks - consists of 96 credits, 42 of which are chemistry.

The Traditional track consists of 30 additional credits (for a total of 126) while the Medicinal Chemistry track requires 33 additional credits (for a total of 129). Regardless of which track you choose, the typical completion time for the program is four years.
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Research Opportunities
Research is a core component of the Chemistry program at ACPHS, and there are a variety of opportunities for you to gain this experience.

Getting started in research is usually as simple as asking a faculty member if you can assist in the lab (there are even some paid work study positions available). As you become more comfortable in this setting and learn about the various research taking place across the College, you may eventually decide to transition to another lab where the work is more aligned with your career interests.
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that more than one-third of 98,000+ chemists and materials scientists employed in the workforce are in either (1) scientific research and development or (2) pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing - both areas that would be well suited to you as a graduate of our Chemistry program.

If you decide to continue your education, graduate school in the biological, chemical, or pharmaceutical sciences would be a logical path (check out ACPHS's master's in Pharmaceutical Sciences if this is an area of interest).

A degree in Chemistry from ACPHS could also serve as an entry point to professional programs such as Medical School or Pharmacy School.