President's Newsletter

President Dewey authors a newsletter for the ACPHS community which is then adapted as a blog post for the web. Below are links to the most recent editions of the newsletter. Click the Archives link to view older issues.

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Alumni Alert

A companion to the Alumni News magazine, the Alumni Alert is a monthly electronic newsletter distributed to alumni and friends of the College.
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Alumni News

Alumni News is College's alumni magazine. It is published twice a year. If you have a story idea or news you would like to share with your classmates, e-mail Bill Jabour, Assistant Vice President of Institutional Advancement, or call him at (518) 694-7304.

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President's Report

The President's Report is the annual report of the College that includes feature stories, a report of scholarly activity, and financial information. The latest version of the President's Report was published in May 2016.

Click here to view the President's Report online or, if you prefer, download it as a PDF.