Mission/Vision/Strategic Plan


Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is committed to graduating the best health care minds in the world.


Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences will be nationally and internationally recognized for the development of accomplished and outstanding students through innovative approaches to teaching, pioneering research, and service.

Strategic Plan

The 2012–17 Strategic Plan includes seven broad goals (see below) and is a dynamic and living document that will serve as the institution’s blueprint for action for at least the next several years. As such, it is constantly being evaluated and modified as goals are achieved and new challenges are confronted.

Goal One: Continuous Enhancement and Evaluation of All Degree Programs
Offer students an outstanding and rigorous educational experience, as well as an environment and programs to support their social, moral, and intellectual growth.

Goal Two: Expand Research and Scholarly Opportunities
Be a world center for the creation, refinement, and dissemination of knowledge.

Goal Three: Implement Globalization
Build the organizational infrastructure to establish and support global initiatives, provide opportunities for global experiences to all students, and foster a globally-engaged campus community.

Goal Four: Enhance the National and International Visibility of ACPHS
Enhance the College’s ability to provide thought leadership, promote ACPHS’s unique qualities to the marketplace, and increase awareness of ACPHS as a multi-disciplinary institution.

Goal Five: Achieve a 60/40 Enrollment Population
Better balance enrollment (60% PharmD-40% other academic programs and 60% local-40% national/international) while maintaining our overall student enrollment level between 1,800-2,000.

Goal Six: Incorporate Diversity into the Fabric of Our Institution
Ensure ACPHS continues to incorporate diversity into the fabric of our institution by establishing recruitment strategies that foster diversity and establish college-wide cultural diversity programs and events.

Goal Seven: Optimize the Utilization of Technology
Leverage technology to ensure the highest quality instruction, research and scholarship, and outreach to our alumni and the larger community.